The savasana and champagne class with Georgia was fabulous! I went with my mother and sister as a fun family thing to do together. We loved it. I hadn’t done anything like this before. I have a 20 month old son and haven’t done anything special for myself in such a long time! I haven’t felt that level of relaxation in almost 2 years. It’s made me realise that I need to take some time for myself, so that I can be the best mum I can be to my son.
— Belinda Berkel
We have utilised Georgia for our Training Camps and athlete liaison for Yoga and meditation on an ongoing basis for a very good reason (she’s ace).
Our clients reflection of service, knowledge and engagement with Georgia was consistently 5 stars.
Our experience with Endurance athletes is they find it very difficult to slow down, turn down the mind and be gentle.
Georgia was always accommodating to all our athletes, regardless of their experience with Yoga or level of ‘bendy’. This absolutely had a positive impact on engagement during the class and their ongoing practise.
I believe this is a result of Georgia’s innate body intelligence, communication skills and energy when teaching Yoga and Meditation.

Georgia, Thank you for opening up the hearts and spirits of our crew to find greater depth and harmony with their body & mind.
— Katee Pedicini | Founder Holistic Endurance
Georgia is a master at reading the needs and energy levels of a class to customize her special and unique blend of yoga, Pilates, Qi gong and ballet barre with amazing effect. I walk out of her classes feeling taller, leaner and calmer, ready for anything that comes into my day!
— Kerry Farris
I recently attended the Holistic Endurance Triathlon Camp on the Gold Coast. When reading through the itinerary and seeing there was over 3 hours of yoga over the weekend i may have rolled my eyes and said “I don’t do yoga!” Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried yoga many times and have even walked out of classes or sat there thinking “this is an hour of my life that I’m not going to get back”. Georgia Rhodes.......I’m not sure how you did it........ but you converted me in just 2 classes. Amazing. Loved it. I can’t thank you enough. I now understand and get it! And, I can now say, “I do yoga”.
— Michelle | Triathlete (from Holistic Endurance Triathlon Camp 2016)
Georgia, I just wanted to thank you for an absolutely beautiful and blessed Sunday afternoon (at the Savasana and Champagne Class). I left feeling revived, relaxed and ready to take on the week ahead.
I can’t recommend this class enough. Looking forward to the next one already.
— Lauren Waldock
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for yesterday’s class, I arrived feeling stressed and frazzled, but left feeling calm and refreshed.
Your gentle guiding, with a little humour, and the beautiful location, makes for a truly magical experience.
The classes are a time to stop the racing mind and body and remember what is important in life – make time to breath, stretch and relax.
Your classes are my me time. Thank you.
— Lucy Williams
I absolutely LOVE my yoga class with Georgia. Sometimes it’s hard for me to get there, but its well worth the effort. She has a magical way of making everyone feel so comfortable and accepted.
Her class is just the right amount of ‘work’ and deep relaxation. Georgia is an inspiriation to be around and this is also reflected in her teaching.
When you’ve done a class with Georgia, you leave feeling so centred and at peace with the world, and whats not to love about that?!
— Lara Rafter
Last nights class was INSANE! Soooooo Good!
THANK YOU Georgia. Absolutely loved it.
I love my classes with you.
— Colleen Crawford
It has taken me many years to find a yoga class that feels right and works for my body and mind. Georgia is a beautiful teacher/guide- insightful, intuitive and nurturing.
She creates a safe environment to develop the practice... I am so grateful I found her.
— Angelica Arrnott
So many yoga classes have become yang workouts and have no connection to the ying energy we need more than ever now in our busy lives. Georgia has mastered the art of grounding you at the beginning of a class even when you have arrived with chaotic head energy. She then takes you through a gentle yet powerful movement class that brings you back into your body leaving you mindful, present and invigorated.
— Emma Lane
Georgia, your Savasana and Champagne class was something I desperately needed. Thank you. The invitation to come rest and just be, allowed my tension and worries to ease away. The champagne to finish with a beautiful sunset was just divine. Such a wonderful and welcoming environment to be in. Thank you!
— Luisa Camilieri
I fell in love with yoga! Thank you. I’ve never felt so relaxed as I did in your sessions.
— Lana Nelson | Triathlete
Georgia’s ability to create a zen environment no matter where you are, is fantastic! Her yoga classes where so spot-on and relevant to what we do, as athletes. My yoga journey on this camp with Georgia was wonderful.
— Faz Zamani | Triathlete (from Holistic Endurance's Triathlon camp 2016)
I absolutely LOVE my weekly sessions with Georgia. She has a way of making yoga feel fun yet restful and energising. I can’t recommend Georgia enough, especially if you’re new-to-yoga like I was.
— Genola De Jong
What wonderful classes! Since starting my breath and gentle yoga classes with Georgia I have noticed such a change in my body both mentally and physically. The yoga was wonderful for stretching my muscles and concentrating on correcting my balance. Being a cleaner who does a lot of physical work this has been wonderful to loosen up sore tired muscles. I also found some muscles I obviously hadn’t used in a long time! With the breath class I found it life changing! When I started becoming more aware of and noticing my breath I realised that a lot of the time I was holding my breath without even realising and breathing very shallowly which was clearly not good for me. Now I am more aware of my breath and the effect it can have on my day to day life. Also being a mum of three beautiful boys I find that using some breath exercises can enable me to relax and handle certain circumstances more appropriately than I may have before. The chance to have that time to myself at Georgia’s classes has been amazing for me. A chance to concentrate on myself and my own body for awhile is invaluable! Georgia is an amazingly beautiful caring teacher who concentrates on individuals needs and is able to assist all in the class with their individual needs and strengths. Highly recommend!
— Fabia McWilliam
So so so enjoyed this afternoons (savasana and champagne) class! Got so much out of it! Who ever thought?! I feel really relaxed. Thank you.
— Penny Szeto
Georgia, I just wanted to thank you so very much for your mediation and mindful movement sessions, during our recent stay in Byron Bay. They were wonderful and extremely helpful, for all of us. We look forward to seeing you again on our next visit.
— Lisa Velickovich | Holiday Maker
Thank you Georgia. A wonderful class and a fabulous way to spend the afternoon. Loved it. I will be back.
— Genevieve Alder
I love the calm gentleness of Georgia’s classes. It is my treat for my body and a massage for my mind! It gives me time to switch off from my busy life and take time for me - to reset and reenter the world refreshed and revived.
So grateful. Thank you.
— Gabriel Thompson
I’ve been following you for a little while now and read your post just last night on ‘What is healthy anyway – part two’, and realised what was missing. It made me realise that my motivation for exercise was to avoid getting fat/unfit/etc, my motivation for eating healthy was to avoid disease/sickness/etc, and so on. Although there are positive benefits to these choices, it made me realise that my motivation for doing them was to avoid something negative, rather than pursue something positive, and I can see that this is the motivation for so much in my life.

So anyway thanks very much for the posts that you’ve written. They’ve already had a big impact on my life, and I look forward to many more (no pressure though!)
— Jeff McGuire